Thursday, March 8, 2012

New year, new plans, new wedding

Ack! Yet again, I find myself apologizing one? Readers? Blank cyperspace? For lack of posts the last two months. Amidst multiple changes all happening simultaneously, some bad, some good, I let my poor Couturiette go without fresh posts. For shame!

Among the major good changes is in late January, the fiance and I got to go on a site visit to check out our wedding location, and it was a fabulous trip. Fabulous, I say! We're doing a destination wedding in Mexico and visiting this time around was actually the first time I'd ever been. We chose a historic site originally built in the late 1700's, early 1800's in the Yucatan Peninsula, an old hacienda and the place was totally, completely magical.

I'm not so great on, or crazy about, event planning. This is especially ironic since event planning has been a central component of two past jobs I've had. I can't seem to make myself care about things like matching napkins, napkin rings or table placements.

However, one thing I was set on with our mutual love of travel was having a destination wedding at a great, romantic location for a vacation, and our spot definitely fits the bill.

Since I'm mired in wedding planning efforts right now, some gorgeous shots from around the wed-blog-sphere I'm using for inspiration:

How lovely is this? She looks straight out of a book. Is "wood-nymph done right" an actual style?

 Love, love this. I think this was shot by Elizabeth Messina, one of the queens of gorgeous, vintage-y, romantic shots. Anyone looking for bridal inspiration that incorporates this ethereal, delicate, otherworldly vibe should immediate check out Elizabeth's blog, Kiss the Groom.

Lovely crowns and garlands!

Images courtesy of Style Me Pretty and Etsy

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