Friday, March 20, 2009

Be-blue, be-jewel

Kirna Zabete has long been a Manhattan shopaholic stronghold, and its online shop currently features some beautiful renditions of one of this season's big trends, blue-hued accessories. I've always liked turquoise and agate and am happy they're showing up abundantly this year.

Agate Collar necklace. Stunning to look at! However, though I love blue agate, can't imagine actually wearing this; it would be really heavy, and too over-the-top for most occasions. I'd almost prefer to mount it on my wall as a decorative piece, rather than use it as jewelry.

Judy Hudson 'Morpho' necklace. The teal blue is absolutely beautiful, and this is a necklace I'd definitely wear. However, I'm a little weirded out by the butterfly wing detailing in the interior of the stone -- as lovely as it is, is it real?! Don't hurt the butterfly!

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