Saturday, March 14, 2009

Net-ting for deals

Net-a-porter is having a mid-season sale! The things there are usually way out of this little shopaholic's budget, even on clearance. However, surprisingly, there were a bunch of things there actually under the $500 mark. For Net-a-porter, this is definitely a rarity.

Marc by Marc Jacobs short wool coat.

For coats, I stick to variations of gray, navy and black. I have exactly one coat that's another shade -- light blue.I have worn it exactly zero times.

However, for spring, a brightly colored coat, paired with clean, well-tailored jeans and sharp flats, always looks so crisp and cheerful, so when the warm weather rolls around, I usually find myself craving at least one candy-colored jacket. This version by Marc by Marc Jacobs is adorable and a great little pick-me-up for an outfit that's otherwise suffering a case of the blah-s.

I am completely intrigued by this Luc Kieffer 'Passiflore' cuff, which is floral yet strangely robot-technology-spare looking at the same time. Maybe it's the detailing within the center of the 'flower', which is very mechanical and clockwork-like. This would be great with a simple mini-dress for a night out.

These Chloe 'Maypop' aviators are an interesting take on the current 'ombre' trend. For sunglasses, I usually stick to very classic shades and shapes, so I really like that this pair manages to be unusual and interesting while still understated enough to wear everyday.

All items at Net-a-porter.

*Photos courtesy of Net-a-Porter.

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