Saturday, April 4, 2009


Meh. This was exactly my reaction when I stopped by New York City's brand, spankin' new Topshop flagship store on the way home the other evening.
The store's opening morning was apparently a madhouse, only to be expected -- I dropped in around 9-ish and by opening-day evening, it was already fairly sedate inside.
Honestly, I really didn't see anything spectacular, and was pretty disappointed; I was completely enamored of Topshop when I first visited it in London, several years ago.
There were a few cute things -- a great, navy/steel gray leather blazer, and a cute dusty-pink silk chiffon bolero, were both things I considered picking up.
But that was about it, and both items were also pricey for what they were -- anything cute in the store clocked in at about $250; in the $100 and under price range, the items were pretty blah-worthy, with a less interesting selection than one finds in Urban Outfitters.
Anyone else feel "meh", "blegh", and assorted "eh"'s about the New York Topshop?
*Photo courtesy of Guest of a Guest.

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