Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New talent

After some web-meandering, I happened upon the site of Los Angeles based designer Jenny Han, who designs the sort of elegant, simple clothing I'd love to live in. Moreover, comparative to other designers who hawk wares dangling gasp-inducing $500 or $600 price tags, Han's prices are surprisingly reasonable. Many of her designs are priced in the $100 - $200 range. Sigh. Remember the days when spending $150 over a bag was jaw-drop worthy? Now, that same bag probably clocks in at about five times as much. Inflation is such a...well, you all know what word I'm thinking of.

If you've been reading this blog at all, you already know how I feel about nude hues and sweater dresses. Combine both and you have something that I can imagine wearing everyday. I adore this version -- I can easily see wearing it to work with tights and pumps for a more polished look, and then with boots for a night out with friends.

Deep Cowl Sweater in Beige, at Star Closet.

So cute! Ruffles and yellow, two of my favorite spring trends. Pleated crepe fan cami, at 80's Purple.

Demure, and comfy-looking too. Short sleeve knit dress, also available at Star Closet.

*Photos courtesy of Star Closet and 80's Purple.


Anonymous said...

Yup. Jenny Han is great because her clothes are reasonably priced. Sometimes the quality is a hit or miss but overall it's on-trend for decent prices. Frankly, this itself is a feat.

couturiette said...

Tell me about it -- I was very taken aback (pleasantly, for a change) when I saw the price range most of her work fell into!