Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring bags, but no spring?

New York has been stuck in a week-long stretch of wet, dreary weather; for every day of sunshine it feels like there's about a WEEK of rain! Ugh! Like many, I crave sun and warmth, so the weather lately has been a total downer. Maybe that's why I've seen a sharp up-tick in my shopping-cravings!

Speaking of shopping cravings, I would love to scoop up this Rebecca Minkoff bag (pictured above). I bought a Rebecca Minkoff satchel last year and absolute love it; it goes with absolutely everything, and fits a surprisingly large amount. While traveling in Latin America recently, Dan and I took a weekend trip in which I was able to squeeze almost everything for a 3 day trip in just the 'Morning After' satchel.

Rebecca Minkoff 'The Affair' bag, at shopbop.

Photo courtesy of shopbop

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