Friday, March 6, 2009

Under the radar: Asos

Asos, a Brit shop that my sister turned me on to, hawks affordable renditions of runway styles and young, edgy fare -- sort of like a British Urban Outfitters. Some of Asos' offerings are surprisingly cute comparative to their prices -- an on-trend, sharp clutch or bag can go for $60.

The accessories section yielded the most eye-catching stuff, particularly a plethora of cute headbands, necklaces and cocktail rings.

Since I do rock the headband look on occasion, I can imagine wearing either of these in the summer on a day when I want to try adding a whimsical touch to my look. At $15 and $8 U.S. respectively, I can also afford to buy as many as I want!

*All photos courtesy of Asos.

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