Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ports Possessed

I've already documented my love of Ports 1961 in a previous post, so you can imagine my reaction to the news that Ports 1961 has finally opened their long-delayed U.S. flagship store in the Meatpacking District. I'm already trying to figure out how to work some kind of 'Ports' section into my budget.

The good news is that Ports is actually having a sale on their website, featuring some fantastic items. I'm already lusting over this gray capelet, pictured. I love capelets and this one is absolutely adorable. Below, some of my other fave sale picks:

Fantastically cute Bib necklace.

Cherry-red 'Blouson' wool blend jersey dress. I became obsessed with Ports after buying two of their sweater dresses, and the above is an example of why. Their dresses are beautifully cut -- very understated, but sexy and elegant all the same. Must. Not. Reach. For. Credit Card.

'Corselet' sheath dress. The detailing on this is absolutely stunning, and the classic shape and knee-length makes it perfect for pretty much any occasion. This is exactly the sort of thing I'd wear to for any occassion that necessitates appearing polished yet conservative.

Bustier sheath dress with yarn embroidery. The deep blue on this is stunning, and the yarn embroidered detailing on the bust gives it a soft, romantic, princess-in-a-tower feel. Again, must not reach for credit card. Help!

So very Jackie O! Lovely little lemon draped back dress. As the name suggests, the best part is the fantastic back.

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