Saturday, February 28, 2009

Staple diet

These days, it's trendier to be a recessionista instead of a fashionista. Saving coinage being the It Girl Activity Du Jour, shopping becomes all about shopping wisely -- buying less, and buying items that I can get maximum mileage out of.

That being the case, I'm inspired to take stock of my closet and figure out which items are my staples -- those things I wear over and over, and that can be mixed and matched in millions, or at least dozens, of different ways. Below, six items I couldn't live without:

A basic tank sweater, in cashmere or a fine merino so that it's not bulky. I have the above BopBasics tank and wear it constantly. It's soft, comfortable, great for layering, and I love the pale, pearly gray hue. Plus, it's on sale!

Trisha Boots at Yes Style.

Black, knee-high boots. Boots are the perfect finish to any outfit -- they snazz up a tee and jeans, or toughen up a dress. I live in my boots so I'm very particular about them. I love these because have a great, almond-shaped toe, which I think is the most flattering shape. They also have a comfortable, mid-width, walkable heel. I'm a New York girl and I can pretty much do anything in my heels -- I once raced someone down the street in stilettos to prove it. However, I still like comfort like anyone else and I need to be able to stand in my boots all day. This type of heel guarantees both walkability and style.

Above: Mason by Michelle Mazon Peak Lapel Jacket at Shopbop.

A little black blazer. I would say I wear some permutation of a blazer three out of the seven days of the week. They're less grandma-ish than a cardigan (though I do love cardigan sweaters, I admit), and give your look some oomph as well as providing warmth and cover over a sleeveless blouse or top. I love this Mason blazer for its sharp lines and flattering mini shape. When you're as petite as I am, it's important for blazers and jackets to be as fitted as possible.

Above: J Brand Pencil Leg Stretch Jean at Shopbop.

Jeans. I wear jeans almost every day and J Brand is my Holy Grail. I switch back and forth between two different J Brand pairs pretty much 24/7.

Above: Ports 1961 Rib Knit dress at Shopbop.

A great sweater dress, like jeans, is ridiculously versatile. It's dressy enough for a dinner out, restrained enough for work, casual enough for coffee with friends. I have this Ports 1961 dress in light blue and it's one of my absolute favorite items in my closet -- if my wallet could handle it, I'd snap up this version in malt too, in a heartbeat.

Above: Myne 'Lauren' tank at Pink Mascara.

A silk blouse is another of my go-to items, and paired with jeans and boots, is pretty much my uniform. I've been building my collection of silk blouses and love ones that are feminine without being too frilly, like this version from Myne.

*Photos courtesy of Shopbop, Yes Style, and Pink Mascara.

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