Thursday, February 26, 2009

Naughty & Nautical

Welcome to Couturiette, dedicated to all things sartorial, sensual, and sinful -- to your wallet, at least. Retail therapy's the name of the game.

The coming of spring (it's the end of February already, yikes! Where's the time going?!) means fashion is showing its sunnier, more playful side and peppier prints and colors are replacing the basic, darker hues that dominated over fall and winter.

One trend that's been going strong for several seasons now is the nautical theme - navy and stripes, especially when paired with crisp whites and cerulean and lighter shades of blue, give a fun, whimsical vibe while still being extremely wearable.
My favorite takes on sailor style:

courtesy of

D&G button front shorts, paired with a crisp white blazer.

Love YaYa's striped tank dress. Though when I wear stuff like this, my equally fashion-obsessed sis tends to jump out at me yelling, "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!"

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Also from the gals at shopbop, Juicy's 3/4 swingy trench.

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Kova &T's very skinny skinny jeans, in the loveliest blue. Just looking at these jeans makes me want to jump on a sailboat with the wind in my hair, and a mimosa in my hand.

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