Sunday, March 15, 2009

Made to be blue

As I've mentioned before, jeans are one of my staples, and my daily outfit invariably involves a favorite pair. However, I didn't realize how deep my dependency on denim truly ran until I hit a week where, due to laziness, all of my favorite pairs were in the wash. For three days I literally felt like there was a giant hole in my wardrobe! I'm now on a mad hunt to restock (once my budget allows). J Brand jeans have been my obsession for months now -- they work for me in a way no other brand ever has before. I'm completely fixated with them! This leads me to a question -- which jeans can't you live without?

A classic, the J Brand low rise pencil jean in Ink. I have these and absolutely adore them -- the fit is fantastic, and the classic dark wash works with any look. I want to buy another pair ASAP! Moreover, this pair comes in a petite option, which is much appreciated!

Low rise pencil jean in Bristol. The pastel, sky-blue hue makes it an occasional, nice change from the dark hues currently in vogue; combined with a white tank and some bright red flats, it would be a perfect outfit for a picnic in Central Park.

Bardot High Rise Pencil Leg in Indigo. I have this pair, and despite the fact that I usually prefer a low rise over a high one for reasons of comfort and aesthetics, I really like them -- I'm actually wearing them as I type this! They look more like denim trousers rather than jeans, making them great for adding a dressier flair when worn with a simple blouse or tee.

Low rise pencil jean in Stinson. I like that the wash on this model is lightly worn, without being whiskered or faded so that the look is still very classic and clean.

The low rise pencil leg jean in Akiko. For some reason I find this particular shade of blue very pretty -- almost sky-like. It's a nice middle ground for when you don't feel like wearing jeans with such a dark wash, but don't feel like wearing a pastel blue either.

All jeans available at J Brand.

*Photos courtesy of J Brand.

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