Thursday, March 5, 2009

J. Crew for the 21st century

Usually, I'm not much of a J. Crew shopper. Though I appreciate how durable their clothing is, I tend to find it way too fresh-from-Martha's-Vineyard for my taste.

In recent years, however, I've noticed J. Crew trying to up the style quotient and come up with trendier, eye-catching styles. Some examples:

This peppy yellow 'Globe Trotter' Centenary vanity case (above) is adorable.

I loved this beaded 'Glisse' cami and this is something I'd definitely buy and wear, frequently, especially with jeans and topped with a shrug or blazer.

Very cute little pintuck dress. Terrific for summer. I'd cinch it with a colorful little belt.

*All photos courtesy of J.Crew.

All available at J. Crew.

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