Thursday, March 19, 2009

Le Train Bleu

Le Train Bleu, a Portland-based online shop, features tons of things just perfect for spring.
Peach twist tank. A breezy tank makes for easy dressing. Why is he eating her hair?!

Striped pocket tee. I think this is adorable and would love to get it for myself -- however, I know it would make me look about 2 years old. One of both the pros and the cons of being petite is that you look really young all the time -- I still get the eye from 14 year old skateboarders gallivanting around the East Village.

The oddly named 'Crybaby' scarf. I'm becoming obsessed with scarves and love this one! All those sherbert-y shades on it remind me of ice cream and candy and all sorts of good things. Or maybe I'm just hungry.

All available at Le Train Bleu.

*All photos courtesy of Le Train Bleu.

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