Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thigh high

Chloe fold-over Thigh High boot, at Madison Los Angeles.

Report Signature Fairfax boots, at Emoda.

In brown.

I'm both intrigued and a bit mystified by the current thigh-high boot trend. On the one hand, I've always found thigh-high boots very alluring, but on the other, thigh-highs can pose a challenge in terms of daily wear; the challenge being NOT looking like stripper. The above three versions are wearable, striking, and importantly, will not make their wearers look like they dance around poles for a living. I'm particularly fond of the Report Signature Fairfax boots in black; if I can manage to pony up $300, I'll definitely be trying to snag a pair.

*All photos courtesy of Madison Los Angeles and Emoda.


Vanessa said...

C -- I saw a mini feature on these in the Thursday NYT style section. Apparently word on the street is that recession-savvy Vogue editors are taking their existing black leather boots to Leather Spa and adding 10 inches of suede to make their own thigh-highs, haha. I was definitely tempted to do the same, but as I now live across the street from a rowdy Gentleman's club, I'm afraid to step out in thigh-high boots.... ;)


couturiette said...

V -- I read that article as well! I love my knee-highs too much to do anything to do them, though. I need to keep my stand-bys intact to go back to after this over-the-knee trend is over, after all!