Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bijoux Kieffer

I've posted about Luc Kieffer before, when one of his cuffs caught my eye over at Net-a-porter. After a lifetime spent wearing almost NO jewelry, the past few years I've found myself totally loving all the dramatic, intricate statement pieces that designers have been pouring forth. Kieffer's work is a perfect example and I love how all his stuff manages to be incredibly pretty, yet unusual (two elements that usually DON'T go together). Some of the Kieffer pieces running around boutiques that have recently caught my eye are shown below:

Large black flower ring from Chick Downtown.

Large Orange bangle, at Chick Downtown.

White and Silver Star Cuff, at Vivre.

'Star' necklace, at Revolve Clothing.

'Wave' ring at Revolve Clothing.

'St. Tropez' striped cuff, at Shopbop.

*All photos courtesy of Revolve Clothing, Vivre, Shopbop, and Chick Downtown.

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