Friday, February 27, 2009

Gray & Black, Back-to-Back

In addition to nude shades, grays have been another staple of my wardrobe. They have the same neutral, go-with-everything-wearability of black without being quite as harsh. Being that my natural color is somewhere between 'ghost', 'porcelain' and 'chalk', (one of my childhood nicknames was Whitey, and no, I'm not kidding) this is important, as black can look overwhelming on all of us porcelain-hued gals, especially in the winter.

That being the case, I'm always stocking up on good gray pieces and I've been noticing gray edged on black is big these days. Check it out:

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Rag & Bone cashmere sweater dress from La Garçonne. On sale, $175, originally $350!

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Ports 1961 Jersey Dress with Self-trim. Ports 1961 is one of my faves (when I can afford it! gulp!) and I like the clean lines on this dress. The black piping adds some interest while keeping the overall look simple and elegant.

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Va va va voom! Who said a sweater dress has to be conservative? Grey Ant's gray-on-black (going with the American spelling here, that's right) sweater dress makes me hot-to-trot -- literally.

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